Spoken English Course for Students

This is a minimum one year course in Spoken English. It includes Reading, Pronunciation practice, Vocabulary building, Story-Telling, Recitation, Dramatization, Talking in grammatically correct sentences, Developing fluency in spoken English, Working on Conversational & Communication skills. Teaching is done through group work or pair work activities. Creative Writing, Presentation Skills, Group Discussions, Debates, Elocutions, Extempores are done with higher classes ( STD III- STD IX). Students are trained for the Trinity College of London Spoken English Exams throughout the year.

Overview of the Spoken English course for students

Duration - one year

In the classroom, children are motivated to step up and step forward and to present before an audience. This builds their self-awareness and self-confidence. With motivation from the teachers, children soon develop the ‘I-can-do-it attitude. In time, children will be able to apply all they have learnt to other areas of their lives.

We want the children to...

Most importantly, we want all these to come from within!

How do we achieve all this?


Students who enrol for our Spoken English Course will learn how to:

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