Drama & Reading Club

The Reading Club conducts programs all year-round for children aged 3 to 12 years of age. It offers a mix of reading out stories, audiovisual learning, vocabulary boosters, theatre games, art and craft, creative writing, and activity sheets depending on the age and ability of every child. Kids get smarter and make friends even as theyre having fun with award winning, international childrens books at The Reading Club.

Program benefits:


Develops a lifelong love for reading. Stimulates the imagination and creative impulse. Promotes joy and satisfaction in children by creating a safe, non-competitive environment that celebrates every childs unique abilities.


Boosts vocabulary. Improves concentration and fosters academic discipline needed for success at school. Furthers general knowledge and encourages an enlightened worldview. Readers are known to improve their IQ by several points.

Life Skills

Introduces complex emotions, and circumstances so that children are better equipped to handle their changing world. Readers are known to have better EQ. Promotes empathy and an ethical worldview. Encourages spoken language confidence in group settings. Encourages a safe, lifelong hobby that offers both wisdom and relief from stress.

What Our Students Say

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