What Our Students Say

I am deeply thankful to Creative Orators and Sharmistha Choudhary for building up the lost confidence in my daughter Aaryana Kadam regarding her English. I am glad to be associated with Creative Orators. You have explored the hidden talent in my daughter and she has excelled academically and socially too. The pain and efforts you have taken with my daughter have borne fruits now in terms of creativity, poise and speech. Thank you once again to Sharmistha Choudhary and Creative Orators. With gratitudeMrs Priti Kadam (mother of Aaryana Kadam)
My daughter Keisha Modi has benefitted alot while attending Creative Orators. She has improved tremendously in diction, vocabulary and grammar. I am highly impressed by Sharmistha Maám who has been very focussed and extremely cooperative in helping each child individually and taking much effort to ensure that proper learning happens. She also puts in extra time and takes special care as required for every child. We thank her for all her help. She is an exceptional teacher and exemplary human being. Mrs Meena Modi (mother of Keisha Modi)
Hello everyone!
I am Sheetal Kokate. I am glad to get an opportunity to share my experience at Creative Orators.
As a child, I was always fascinated by the way confident speeches are delivered, presentations are made and how good orators make use of gestures, body language and accent with appropriate intonation patterns to get their message conveyed at the other end effectively. I had cherished since then the desire to be ‘good’ at these ‘additional’ skills; however, I lacked the training one must undergo to attain proficiency. Well, my search for a training institute that would empower me by boosting my communication skills ended the day I sought admission to this class.
In these times, a day without English is hardly conceivable. Moreover, effective communication, both, in terms of spoken and written format, is viewed as one of the foundations of a successful career.
At Creative Orators class, I was supplemented by all those essential skills required for effective communication that made me ‘complete’ in a sense. Right from inculcating reading habits to focusing on pronunciation, accent, grammar, vocabulary building and creative writing – every single aspect of the language is taken care of. Students are encouraged to participate in discussions, voice their opinions, enact roles etc. in an atmosphere which is absolutely friendly and healthy for their growth.
I must mention that the Creative Orators class is a blend of several interesting activities that are not possible in a school environment. The class offers all students the platform that is difficult to procure in schools with hundreds of students competing for the same seat. I have personally benefitted by undertaking this training program. I had been a student of this class for seven long years, thus completing all eight levels of CS, PT, and Speech & Drama exams, and up to level III of ISE and level 7 of GESE exam. It had been a rewarding experience to prepare for these exams with Sharmistha maám’s due guidance and support, and moreover, to get an opportunity to interact with foreign examiners. Little drops of water make an ocean. Likewise, every minute detail of the training program gives a child an edge over others in communication. Anyone who is patient with oneself and undertakes the training with interest and with a receptive mind would feel and enjoy the process of one’s own transformation.
Thank You!
I am very happy with the courses conducted by Creative Orators. Both my children have greatly benefitted by attending these classes as they have improved their confidence level and communication skills greatly. The Trinity Exams are an added benefit and my children thoroughly enjoy these Exams. The Annual day program conducted by Creative Orators in 2017 was simply awesome. The entire staff is very sincere and take lots of effort throughout the year. Mrs Chitra Pai(Mother of Anisha and Vishal Pai)