Language Classes for Spoken English, Elocution, Effective Communication and Speech & Drama

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Brief Course Structure for classes


  1. Pronunciation and Diction
  2. Poise and Posture
  3. Vocabulary Building
  4.  Story Telling, Recitation & Dramatization
  5. Grammar
  6. Conversation
  7. Presentation Skills
  8. Discussions
  9. Language functions
  10. Confidence building
  11. Activity based teaching
  12. Complete Training for Trinity GESE Exams



  • Please note that the above is a summary. Many more grammatical and language structures are taught according to the needs of the students.


  • Grammar topics are not done only by solving worksheets. Using correct grammatical structures is taught through varied spoken activities.


  • This is a very slow process. It takes at least one year to see some difference in a child after attending these classes. Some children may take more time.


  • We have a tried and tested methodology and we have been doing this for the past 15 years so please be patient.



  • Please encourage children to read aloud at home everyday. This will help to develop their vocabulary.


  • Listening to a language is very important to master it. Please encourage them to watch English movies & programs for children. Information about these will be put up on our bulletin boards from time to time.


  • Attending these classes regularly definitely ensures that your child will improve in pronunciation, diction and speech.


  • They will gain confidence and overall development in personality


  • You will definitely see an improvement in reading.


  • We follow the play way method so your child will never get bored.


  • After your child appears for an Exam you will be able to gauge how much your child has gained.


  • Your child will acquire confidence by appearing for the exams as he/she has to interact with a complete stranger. The entire training for these exams will be done by us.


  • The child will receive a certificate on completion of the exam. Trinity College London provides respected international qualifications across a range of disciplines in the performing and creative arts, and in English language learning and teaching.


  • Trinity College London’s Graded Examinations in Spoken English (GESE) are recognised by higher educational institutions around the world as evidence of English language proficiency for student admission.



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